Loyalty to the homeland

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The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and loves Mecca great love, it is his country where he was born, and where the House of God, and the revelation came on home soil for the first time. As intensified hurting the infidels of the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions in Mecca, the Almighty God had commanded him to immigrate to the city. When he came out, peace be upon him from Mecca looked at her loyal loving look, and taking deposits them, he says, and God You for the good of the land of God, and love of God to the land of God, but not I taken from you what came out). Eight years later, God wrote to His Prophet, peace be upon him to return to Mecca conqueror and victor, after he had to get out of them, he entered it the Prophet, peace be upon him joy, happy, and pardoned her family, despite what they have done with him.Thus, the loyalty to the homeland, and the Muslim be a lover of his country, keen to his advantage, and faithful to him.


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