In any case I promised Oh Eid

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Although nearly ten days after the Eid al-Adha comes my words about that holiday .. is a holiday we brought a different taste I do not know to the moment of my blog to my sense did you choose this title for an objective, but I find a link to a strange kind of what I feel Mutanabi while his poem which satirized said where camphor and between what Ohssth this holiday .. this year in spite of the conservatory on certain meanings in the poem that immortalized Mutanabi over the years … the strangest thing is that the poem organized by the Mutanabi was also compatible with the Eid al-Adha when camphor and demanded the arrest of Mutanabi but it was Mutanabi worse and timing chosen pause Eid al-Adha to escape from Egypt and sends them his poem which was organized at the feast … the strangest thing and one of the biggest ironies of Mutanabi it is the same as that famous as Egypt shook the plots of the pain out ** House of poetry said, but she danced Adlkm joy and had written to himself.


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