Awakened Aftrtk

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Instinct is the seed of the right which God has planted in every human heart, is an alarm bell in the heart, “bestowed by God created mankind, do not switch to God’s creation.” Instinct is the seal which God placed in the hearts and souls, which disturbed when falling into the wrong or injustice or to deviate from the straight path. The fear of the children of Israel from the oppression of Pharaoh lasted too long before moving to the encroachment of right and wrong and refused to confusion and anger over injustice, and only then out of God of whom the Savior, God’s prophet Moses. If your instinct Rabbani within each of us, a thermometer, the closer of the truth and faith calmed and reassured, and whenever he saw injustice or falsehood and approached their anger and vigilance, and was troubled. How many times I thought in the wake Aftrtk, common sense that Aftrna by God, you thought that what I did yesterday, or shortly before it was contrary to instinct, you risk your mind that that girl back to Aftrtha even for a moment, and perhaps without being aware of them when haste to attract party short her dress to the bottom.


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