Many of those who have established their concept of folding the flag, books and business programs in Ramadan; he quoted some of the advances they were when Ramadan came folded books of knowledge, and Tafrgua of worship and reading the Koran .. and missed them as experienced Ramadan victories and conquests and advocacy; Vgzoh Badr and the conquest of Mecca, Buwaib open, open heart, and the battle of Tours, opening Amuriyah, opening Hqahb .. It was a great contribution to the “month of the Koran.” It is no secret that Saladin has scored victories impressive on the Crusaders even drew them most of the country seized, and when he advised him to some of his men to rest in the month of Ramadan, he was afraid of the expiration of the deadline and said the old short-term is not safe, and continued to march even seized the castle Safed bunker in the middle of Ramadan. All this showed us that efficiency to save a slice of human swallowed gall disbelief, and inhabiting the swamp of ignorance, and be bothered by the hands of corruption heyday Nabavi, and a year followed, and lean on the self, and introverted self immune to society and to abandon his ship under the pretext of worship and worshiping alone notcha